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I am back from Atlantic City . It was boring fun . Here's the story .

We got there Tuesday afternoon . We went to the Taj . Fancy . Bright . Loud . My mom , her friend Adrian , her husband and I went to the room , put our things down and decided to go for dinner . We ate and then we went into the Casino . I was a little worried because I am not of age yet but no one said anything because I "looked" 21 . I then got bored and went back to the room . I was watching The Sweetest Thing with Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate . Funny movie . I highly recommend it . We then went to see a show with rock star impersonators at another hotel/casino . It was fun . The Elvis guy was scary . He looked just like the king .. After that , they then went to gamble a little at the Wild West casino . I played a little , yet lost $10 bucks . I stopped cause I didn't want to lose more $$ . I told them I was going to go for a walk down the boardwalk . They must have not understood me . I walked all the way back to the Taj . It was a nice walk . Smelled so bad though because of the water . I walked past one of the few stores opened at that time of night . It had a radio station talking about a place on the boardwalk that does piercings . I took a "mental note" and planned on going back there the next day . I didn't hear my phone at all as I was walking . When I got back to the room , I found that I had around four messages . All from my mother . She was worried shitless because she thought I was snatched up . I just didn't hear my phone . I called my mom after to tell her I was ok . It was good to know that she cared about me . I stayed in the room and went to sleep . My mom came in at around 6:30am . I then got up and watched A Walk To Remember . I cried like I always do from that movie . I fell asleep on the floor . Fun stuff .

Then on Wednesday , we checked out of the Taj and went to Cesars . I love that place . It is so cool with all the statues . It makes you feel like you are really in that time period . We checked into our rooms . This time , I didn't have to share a bed with my mom . Thank God ! They all went downstairs to gamble . I watched some tube . After watching some of the 200 Pop Culture Icons , I still hate VH1 for putting some people in spots where they didn't belong , I went down to where my mom was . I told her that I was going for a walk down the boardwalk . I made my way towards the place I heard on the radio the night before . I went in , looking at the wall of t-shirts that they had . I called my mom and asked her if I could get a MADE shirt . She said sure . Then I asked if I could get a piercing cause it said 'Free Body Piercing , today only . She said to get my ear pierced again . I then pushed the question of getting my eyebrow pierced . I told her that if she didn't like it , I could always take it out . Then , to my surprise she said 'Sure , go have fun' . I nearly choked on the air I was breathing . When I called my friends , they asked 'What is your mother smoking ? I questioned the same thing . I didn't complain . I went and got it .

There it is .

Thursday we left . Crappy weather coming home . Rain through Jersey . It sucked all three days . Came back home around 10:30pm .

All my friends can't believe I got my eyebrow pierced . Niether can I . It still hasn't hit me that I did it yet .

Leave your opinions about my new piercing .

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