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I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel ...

I survived Blackout '03 . Wasn't too bad . It was sorta like a block party with no power .

Thursday , went in my pool with Jessica and Marianna . My brother comes out to tell us that there is no power . Later on , we find out that it is out all over NY , parts of Canada and other states in the U.S. Then , as it got darker , we put candles all over the house and it was well lit . Then , I went to Samantha's house down the block . I smoked so pot and went into her pool . The moon was so bright as we played volleyball in her bath/pool .

Friday , my mother's friend and family came by . We went in the pool and cooked on the BBQ . When all else fails , cook with fire . So thats what we did . After going into the pool , I went to take a shower . I didn't hear anything but my battery powered radio . When I got out and got dressed , I heard the TV on . I rejoyced and watched the end of Will & Grace .

27 hours without power is crazy madness . You don't realize how much electricity you use until you don't have it anymore .

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